Interactive Bouncing Toy

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Playing catch with your adorable pup is always a good bonding experience. Double up the entertainment with our cute and cuddly bouncing heads that are filled with fun, colour and playfulness. This jumping ball for dogs comes in five exciting animal head types to amaze your pup from the get go:

  • The Eye Monster – looks like a tiny, cheerful and hairy animal with funny teeth, green face and a big eye in centre.
  • Two Crazy Eyes – looks like a tiny, confused and hairy animal with funny crossed eyes and an adorable sky blue look.
  • Three-Eyed Raven – looks like a tiny, cute and hairy animal with 3 funny eyes, pink face and an adorable tongue that’s sticking out.
  • Brown Pecan – looks like one of the cutest and most adorable tiny pup, so your pup will never feel alone.
  • Super Pup – labelled as ‘Super Pup’ to be gifted to your pup as a reward for being a good kid, it looks like a tiny, happy-go-lucky animal with funny crossed eyes and an adorable dark blue look.

Made up of high-quality fleece, these bouncing dog toys are washable, so that you can easily clean them whenever you feel like they have entertained your little pup enough (just remember to return them to your pup soon because it could be all gloomy without its favourite pet toy). This jumping activation ball for dog has a ball in its core that is securely sealed with a velcro closure to appeal to your pup’s curiosity with an attractive exterior. 

  • Serves as a fun-filled way to play catch with your pup and bring out its cheerful side.
  • Has a ball in its core that is securely sealed with a velcro closure.
  • Made of high-quality fleece that is soft to touch and easy to wash.
  • Measures around 12×16×7cm to be an ideal toy for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Comes in 5 exciting animal head types – The Eye Monster, Two Crazy Eyes, Three-Eyed Raven, Brown Pecan and Super Pup.

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