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All dogs are automatically driven by their natural instinct to chew. Right from when they are little puppies, they can’t stop nibbling on their milk bottles and blankets (even your finger) with their cute eyes closed. As a responsible pet parent, it is only wise to think about their dental health when you see them dig their canines everywhere. 

As much as you would want to put them into the habit of regular brushing, dental toys for dogs seem like an efficient and comfortable option to upgrade your pup’s oral care regime. Tinytails has some very interesting dog dental chew toys in its collection that are sure to fetch your dear one’s attention on the go, and keep him engaged for a long time. Our Frisbee and Porcupine dog dental toys are made from high-quality and food-safe material to keep your four-legged friend safe while the toy cleans its teeth with utmost care.

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