Frisbee Dental Toy

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Why not make the best of your playtime with your pup? How about an innovative pet toy that helps keep your dog engaged, improve its oral health, relieve its anxiety, and strengthen your bond with it? Tinytails presents the best Frisbee for dogs that is designed with jagged massage convex point, gear’s outer circle and antler massage convex point to provide a deep dental cleaning experience for your pup every time.
Besides helping remove residues and impurities from your pup’s teeth, our dog Frisbee also gives pet parents an opportunity to train and play with them. Since it is crafted from soft yet strong TPR (thermoplastic elastomer), this rubber Frisbee for dogs has high resistance to falling, biting and smashing. So, you can use it to play tug of war with your pup by holding on to its nylon-braided rope tail, and letting your pup bite into the energy ring’s main body. This toy also works well as a Frisbee for small dogs, and keeps their sharp teeth off your expensive furniture and footwear during their
teething phase.

- A proven method to relieve anxiety in dogs by facilitating their natural instinct to bite.
- Strengthens your pup’s jaw muscles and stamina during playful tug of war sessions.
- Helps improve your pup’s oral health by gently massaging its gums and cleaning its teeth.
- Made using premium TPR (thermoplastic rubber) to last for a long time to come.
- A fun-filled way to keep your hound’s sharp teeth off expensive furniture, carpets and footwear.

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